Dont be a bully! 2015

Dont be a bully! 2015


Dont be a bully is what you'd really like to say

when that person tortures you in every possible way

it makes you feel a sadness that really is no fun

just like a special pet when there life with you is done

dont be a bully you know how that feels inside

the scars that no one see's is where love should reside

but instead it is a battle when a bully does misbehave

and you feel just like a boat fighting aganst a raging wave

dont be a bully it causes a lifetime of suffering and pain

but karme has a way of leaving you with nothing to gain

it gives one a reason to want want to end there life

and the scars along the way peirce you like a knife

so the next time you think of doing this so fully

remember how it would feel and never be a bully




Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem i wrote for all those who were and still are bullied, i was growing up and the scar's that bullying leave are there forever, they for some will never go away. And its becoming a real issue in society today and what's worse some teachers and principal's turn a blind eye to it, i hope you all like it


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