Life makes my heart ache!

life makes my heart ache 2015


when you feel pain deep in your heart

nothing can bring you back to the start

the ache in your heart burns like an eternal flame

when it hits us hard we feel like were to blame

this pain that we feel is not what we make

i say it with certainty life makes my heart ache

life sometimes will throws bad things your way

like that person who tells you your fat every day

even us grown ups have children who dont call

we dont ask for much just something quite small

some never get over a hurt they dont fake

and again i will say life makes my heart ache

this heart ache we feel never wants to part

like a carousel thats stuck forever on start

i hope my poem gives you a lot to think about

because its not only me with lots of doubt

so we all have said our pain we cant take

and still i repeate life makes my heart ache!!!




Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem just came to me i hope you like it!!!!!



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