Depression is something not every one can feel!

Depression is something not everyone can feel 2015


depression is something that grip's you like a vice

just like an addicted gambler when he's throwing the dice

it's hard to explain sadness to others who can not see

the war called depression going on inside of me

somedays i feel as normal as those friends i hold dear

and other days i dont feel like having anyone near

depression is a life time battle one doesnt chose

and often i feel like its a fight i'm sure i will lose

there are days it causes others to question why

I feel the need to isolate myself and why i do cry

when they do question why i am sad all the time

all i can say is dont worry im going to be fine

suicidal thoughts sometimes get in the way

from spending time with friends every day

so i promised a friend to always be real

depression is something not every one can feel



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this particular poem from personal eperience like all my poems basically are!

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