all my life i held a dream
of a woman i would love

of course

she would be alluring
a charming countenance
erudite, with an angelic face

her body
a muscular stretching willow
arching her legs over head
kissing her own
curving soft feet
a graceful contortionist
in confetti colored sparkle pantyhose
stretching towards me
silken hair draping a perfect symmetry
with spun sugar kisses
wafting the scent of vanilla
and candied vaporous breath
lips like cherry glistening lozenges


one never knows ones destiny

i met her
my girl destiny
and except for a faint look of languor and ruin
with a tinge of withering
she was without doubt unbearably titillating
with razor-thin blackened lips
mascara slits for eyes
hair pulled straight back
jet black
jelled like hardened licorice
with satanic blood rivulets
and pitch fork tattooed tits

a vice of lechery
a malefaction of moral turpitude
her ass scarred from orgiastic beatings
her anus became
like a large wrinkly mouth
resembling the face of a bullfrog
from pleasuring  herself with
tableware cutlery

her soul
a broken creel
suffering bouts of anxiety
like a weeping moon
having  been institutionalized
in Mother Marys Hell House
from a ghastly bout of parricide

her father,
a hobbling gloomish troll
while the dark veins of mother
ran through her soul
leaving little choice
but to dispatch
the parents
abandoning their corpses in the kitchen
like strewn litter

turned out
just my


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extremely annoying to even

extremely annoying to even attempt to i didn't

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Usually if i dont like 

Usually if i dont like  someones work I dont say anything unless I'm cavilear about hurting others or perhaps think I can say something inteligently constructive, something you apperently dont know how to do ... you just  take a big stinky shit and walk away critique; how adorable.  Well we all have our detracrors; for example i just read your top poem Push and its sonicaly weak, boringly liniear , predictable in its cadance, and it terms of narrative content another hair brained declaration of your vain glorious self ....Now that could actually help you if you knew what to do with it. 

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that’s cute. i didn’t say it

that’s cute. i didn’t say it was bad, i said it’s impossible to read. Why not just post it normally? I do you, boo boo

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are you seeing a single

are you seeing a single vertical line with no breaks? Thats hoe i view my poem on my cell Its not the way it is written