And Then There Were Humans...

And Then There Were Humans

Mina and Mar were gliding through the outskirts of the galaxy, dark as night but well, might as well believe it’s day. No one knows how long they were coursing through the vast darkness, we only know when they stopped to admire the stars and planets that formed behind them as they continued their trip. Some were bright and large as life itself and others were smaller and dull, but no less filled with life. Everything was moving with the force of life and that's how the Universe began to take shape.


Mina suggested making a stop in one of these planets and see for themselves their creation. Mar agreed and as they landed on the first planet they saw how empty it was. And so, they decided to fill it with life. They molded animals out of the icy atmosphere of the planet, plants were crystallized ice and finally, as you may have guessed, they made people out of ice. But this planet was far too cold. Everything was miserable, and nothing grew. And so they decided to erase all life from the planet, along with their mistakes.


They traveled again trough many more planets, each time creating something and wiping it after finding multiple faults. About a dozen planets after the first one they finally landed on one that seemed promising. But this one was no different than the others.


The atmosphere is this planet was barren, the trees oozed out CO2, something was surely wrong. They forgot about the fact that oxygen was supposed to be their product, had they not have been so concerned at trying to look better and producing the prettiest flowers of the universe, they wouldn’t have sacrificed oxygen for them. The sky was smeared with purple, fading away into shades of incessant blue. The habitants, well how can we describe them? They were all below five foot five, their skin color was turquoise with a paleness to them, had they not been so oxygen deprived they could have amounted to more. The fields were somewhat arid, the all-foods production factory that produced well, all foods, pretty self-explanatory, was to be closed down. Why? You might ask; well the factory needs a stable supply of rain gummies to make its daily production. The lack of water means the lack of evaporation hence lack of rain, no more all-foods for them. Out jelly like beings were beginning to turn the same color as the sky, a shade of purple that only meant their deletion would be next.


Almost defeated they retread to a far galaxy. This one resembled colors and milk they once saw on their previous planets. And so, they named it Milky Way. Each one of them made 4 planets and named them after remarkable friends they had on other planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. However, they came to a decision and decided to shrink the last one in order to build the last one. The one they would call Earth. They placed a huge star in the center of them, to keep them warm and make life grow. By this point, their energy was slowly fading and so they could only fill one last planet with life. They settled on Earth and began working. Exhaustion came over them but by the end, they had finally formed a beautiful ecosystem. full of animals, plants and its inhabitants were humans. As they sat down, their work finished, they started reflecting on their previous 'failures'.  They began to worry as they began to see other faults in these humans they created but there was nothing else they could do. As they slowly faded into the universe, they realized that the true mistake they made was erasing their previous creations. They saw the humans make mistake after mistake, but still they learned from them and continued to love each other. And so, they left at peace, wishing the remaining humans good luck on the rest of their voyage.



Camila Cecilia Medina Polanco
Margarita Elizabeth Zavala Farfan
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