Flash fiction story


Tim knew that the farm's tradition was that the older son would get the farm, he knew that was how things where going to be, but he didn't like the idea, he hated the idea. He knew that he could take as good care of the farm as his brother could. He has even asked his father to give him a chance to show him he could take care of the farm in the future. When his brother heard what he was planning he got mad and stop his father from considering that idea, telling him that he knew the tradition and that was how it had to be. Tim full with anger that he would never get what he wanted, left the farm with the plan of starting his own farm and tradition. But with this came great anger that pushed him away from his family, from his dad, for several years not knowing about him. His farm came to be completed, alone he began his success, but always missing his dad, since everything he knew was what his dad has showed him, was how they spent their father-son moments. Years passed and he had his family, a beautiful wife, and a boy. As his kid grew older, he began to ask about his grandfather, confused that that he had never even heard of him and his friends would always talked about their families and grandparents. Tim would never truly say to his son what had happen only that he lived far away with his brother. His wife would tell him to forgive and go look for his dad. But he never did. One day a letter came in, address to Tim, the envelope with handwriting said to Tim. When Tim saw the handwriting he knew that letter, it was his dad's. His heart raised, not knowing what it could be about. He opened the letter, in this letter his dad explained that the reason why the letter had got to him was because he had passed away, he explained the deep love he had for Tim and that he understood his reasons for leaving, he should've left the traditions out if he knew it would break apart his family, he should have made a way to make him and his brother stick together. He had someday before taken a drive to Tim farm and saw the way he had succeeded, the way he looked happy and that was what he had always wanted for him. As his last wishes he asked Tim to visit his brother, for them together to say a lay goodbye to him, as he wished for both of his sons to be there for each other at least one more time. 

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