"we pitched a tent in the clearing,"

she whispered as her lips lazily sipped

the hot liquid resting in her mittened hands.

"and slept for was seemed like days."

her eyes seemed to glow with enthusiasm.

the glazed over and stared out the frosted glass

towards the sunlight that beamed through the clouds.

"eveything was so hot and sticky,

and it suprised me how close we slept

because sometimes i could hardly breathe."

softly, her fingernails patted out a little tune

on the porcelain cup she so firmly grasped,

and the noise chimed throughout the room.

with a sudden flash in her eyes

the young woman smiled and sighed

right into the pane at which she was staring.

"i couldn't believe what i was feeling,

our bodies were puzzle pieces,

we just seemd to fit together."

slowly, her eyes dimmed and became gray.

her hand floated down towards the table

and the relinquished the cup she once greatly held.

she raised her chin to look the pane squarely,

and with a low tone, almost one of a whisper

she confided, "sometimes i wish i never had dreams."

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