I will rip open my shirt only to reveal a cavern, my stronghold, looming from my chest. All your eyes will see is something rotted and ugly, but the wise know better. The wise know that the lack of luster means nothing for the emotions packed into the little space are more than most hands can hold. Be careful, oh weary observer, thine heart might not be able to withstand what's dripping down from my cavern. It is wrought with strength and struggles, beautiful summer days that turn into a bleak winter's morning, happiness into the hopeless, depression into delight. Honesty in it's purest form.

I wish strangers would approach me with something new to say. I wish they would be profound or tell me I'm beautiful. I wish to be a woman in an Atmosphere song idolized and glorified for the world to hear. I wish to sound my barbaric yawp from the rooftops of the world, I wish to flirt with danger and pleasure, I wish to create and destroy.

Drape my body in yards of silk and chiffon. Coat my hair with color and gloss and wind. Beg for the beauty I'm capable of. Bow to my womanhood. I stand high and gorgeous.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This isn't really poetry.. just my mind coughing up my thoughts.

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