Love comes

Love and Stuff

how many times does life find you in life,
how many times does love cut you like a knife
isnt it so,
that we just know
love comes
then must go

throughout the years
through the pain and tears
isnt it so
that we just know

after all thats said
a solitary path is lead
only one
no troubles from
heartache none

have known love
pure and true
have known how
it can hurt you

love within
for it has been
so joyous
so sweet
just wasnt there as so to keep

for only there inside
does it reside
for years to come
a knowing feeling thats never gone

as one
we become
as strong
as sure
for always is love there

to guide a way
through each day
in times so bleak
when feeling weak

we just know
love comes
yet does it really, ever go.

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