Hold in your arms so preciously,

      The life you have, and what will be,

    Dark clouds will drift away,

                     Brighter will you see the day.

                  Hold on so tight to what you dream,

           Things will be different from what they’ve been.

                   Everyday will get better you’ll see,

                     All your dreams may possibly be.

                 Hold to a thought, that it all just could,

               Be even brighter than you ever thought would.

                       For every second make it real,

                      For inside it’s passion you feel,

                     Hold a time that’s not ever to stay,

                     Nothing can stop time changing today.

                      The futures ahead got to see,

                   The past has gone and remains to be,

                   Hold close the will,to succeed in you,

                   For the outlook can only you know true.

                      Time is important then you’ll see,

                       What’s just waiting for it to be.

                   Hold thoughts of comforting nights been,

                      And of how much they still mean.

                       All you desire can but appear,

                          If in time you persevere,

                     Hold memories of tender words said,

                       Let your mind journeys be lead.

                     For places filled with all the things,

                      True love, faith, happiness brings.

                     Hold preciously, all those held dear,

                          Those at times are not so near,

                        Always believe what you could do,

         Always to your self,

                                Always be true..


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