My Wedding Vow

Hope & Love

It's no secret what I'm going to tell
This moment arrived to finally reveal
In this beautiful affair I have known so well
For the passionate one, my heart be still


I have loved you from the time I've known love
Dreaming of you every single day of my life
With all these witnesses and the heavens above
I have nothing to wish but to be your loving wife


I am giving you my loyalty and trust
To be someone who will understand
When everything will turn into dust
I'll be with you always to hold your hand


Every circumstance that we are going to face
I'll help in my might to make them vanish and fade
I'll be strong to run with you in this life's race
We will always have each other as our destiny have made


To care for you when everyone's failing to
I will submit to you as our God made me to be
Erase all your worries and your sadness too
To be faithfully at your side like the waves in the sea


Today is the beginning of another journey with you
I've been blessed with someone as great as you are
I want to thank you for making my dream come true
Only us, Forever and always, every second and every hour


I am so happy that I have you as my very best friend
Always keeping me calm and bringing me to serenity
I promise to love you together with our children
Love you even more and more until the rest of eternity

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was listening to the song "A Thousand Years" and that inspired me to write this one. I am so inlove with this song and assures me that there is a love that can last a lifetime :)

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