Every Little Thing

Lost Love

I open my eyes and starts a mantra
Cast out every single memoir
Yet just as I begin to say a thing
realized this chant is where you cling


I won't listen to the songs we'd play
Supress the feeling I had on it if I may
Yet just when I'm suddenly sad and lonely
I sing these songs, happy with its memory


Reading is the best thing I could do
drowning me from what I'm going through
I suddenly turn the pages of this gift I have
I am delirious, I have again found love


Sitting here on the passenger's seat
silently absorbing these feelings' beat
Any road I have traveled on with this side
Your presence always linger that I fear to confide


With all my might I have tried to ignore
Every little thing we did I can no longer explore
Without you to share it with, it's all void
but every little thing is you, I can't simply avoid


I said I won't make any poem
just to someone I feel like home
Yet here I am finished with one
Guessed you'll always be my man

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's pathetic, how you wanted to cast out someone from your life because it's too painful to bear anything that is about that person. But how much you suppress the feeling, how much you bury them or build up walls around you, you just can't simply forget. For every little thing reminds you of that someone, for these very little things you were once happy, you were once felt loved.

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