Alone on Flatbush.

He consists of lies and deceit and because she loves him she does not know what to believe.

At times she is so outspoken, and at other times she does not speak.

She does not want him, but she feels she might need him.

Flatbush Avenue gives a possibility to escape,

Out of the house she goes alone again.

She always seems to be alone.

He is not concerned with her safety, or with the tears that have adopted to her cheeks.

He says he cares, but many days she feels used.

And she finds comfort in the food of the roti shop around the corner.

The comfort foods bring her warmth...

The warmth that his arms won't provide for a couple hours, because once again she has been placed in second place.

The food brings comfort of home; of the West Indies, which she can't afford to go back to right now.

Brooklyn will have to do...

Alone on Flatbush;

She thinks she has love... The curry is a temporary fix-- to an addiction so strong.

The addiction of being mistreated, by a man.

Pitbulls are barking, it's about nine a clock at night.

They made love, and he left.

And she tries to be understanding, but all she feels  is pain.

[Used]... Why did she come to Brooklyn this time?

And where is this ring he's been promising?

And why does he think "I love you" can fix everything?

Alone on Flatbush-- she came, and she left-- and nothing was resolved, all he wanted was someone to hold him, and sex, all he wanted was to continue to leave her lonely and show her no respect...

She ran out of the house, as quickly as she could.

Took the Q uptown-- she felt so misunderstood.

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