Brown Fingernails

It's abstract how you dug into me with your brown fingernails
Making every aspect of my world so uncomfortable and pale.
I was dreaming drearily of a model of what a soul mate could possibly be
And your actions drowned all security.
I was never a perfect match but my love had infinite possibilities.
The walls of my world feel bare because there were so many pictures that cluttered my mind.
They were significant memories of fire which represented our passion.
We held a passion so remarkable
I felt a need to hold on to the idea of us.
Along the sometimes steep slopes of life our journey was quite fun.
Florida's tree's might whisper our secrets while New York may slowly reveal our adventures.
The few people who knew how strong we were, might have never really known.
All of that is irrelevant now because as life goes on our chapter has been typed, signed and sent off in the glass bottle that was the reggae music we kept in our hearts.
While those brown fingernails can no longer dig into me
They might dig into my mind from time to time.      

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