Getting hurt

I am always acknowledged by your skin when you come close to me

It gives me a hug and kiss even though

My lips have never touched your lips

You play with my emotions

Like Im a dice you throw

And this pinches my heart

But you would never even know

Because I am silent with my feelings

And I don't like getting rejected

But rejection seems to love me

And I don't like feeling like nothing

But so many times that's how these boys have made me feel

Maybe I'm paranoid and I get attached too quick

But I thought you were one I would spend a while with

Maybe I was wrong

But It didn't feel wrong when I held your hand

It made everything feel right

And I wish you would make me yours tonight

I am not one to easily express the way I feel

I don't know how to let you know....

Maybe I'm scared

Just tired of getting hurt

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