Another day that's just the same,
another fault where I'm to blame.

Will I ever reach tomorrow?

Is it too much to ask for love?

Locked outside in a blizzard,
I should be inside in warmth.

Tell me again that I'm not part of the family,
I guess blood doesn't mean much after all.

Thanks for reminding me I'm not enough,
as if I could ever forget.

Cradled tight, forbidden treasure I wish I knew,
spoiled, tried to find it in you.

Am I so bad, such a worthless daughter,
cast out in filth and the hate of everyday life.

Thank you for twisting the blade just a little more,
go a bit higher, you've barely reached the heart.

Put on a brave face, lock emotions away,
you never bother to look any deeper than the face I show you today.

Not coming back,
not going to react.

Playing favorites,
it's perfectly fine,
that's just my life.

Being so close burns my hands,
stupid girl, tried to hold what isn't yours.

I'm tired of playing pretend,
doesn't mean I don't care,
what does it matter,
you've walked away, you're not there.

Thank you for reminding me why I said goodbye,
smile on my face, no tears inside.

Not your daughter, not accepted,
haven't looked back since,
thinking maybe you should learn some tact.

Remember who always tried,
as you laugh and mock,
go to hell and leave me alone to my beloved dark.

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