Welcome to My Life

Keep running away from Erik.

He'll rape you and destroy your pride.

Kill him if you have to defend yourself.

Hide from him when he comes to you.


Keep running away from your mother.

She'll shoot you if she sees your face.

Don't come close to where she is.

Wake up each time the nightmares come.


Keep running from your past.

It will destroy your future and dreams.

Protect yourself if the feelings come back.

Call for help when it snatches your legs.


Keep running from your exes.

They'll haunt you with their eyes.

Avoid thinking of their names and faces.

At least you're still in the game of dating.


Don't you dare stop running.

Reach your dreams and goals,

Live the life you want to live.

This is what survival is truly like.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Aug. 31, 2014


I'll never stop running from all of them...

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