To find love

To find love

is the ultimate goal

you have to be willing to get hurt

so many times

it becomes a struggle

to put yourself out there

just to be broken

but one day

the unknown

and the most beautiful thing to have happen

comes crashing into your world

the thing only you and that other person

can truly understand

because its different

with different people

your whole world gets turned upside down

not sure to enjoy it or to run and hide

when do you know what to do

how do you know if its love

i want to fall in love

to have a great relationship

a connection

that is only known between

him and i

am i asking too much

i have no problem with the single life

its been a while since i have had someone special

tons of guys like me

half the time they think im hot and want ass

i want to be seen as beautiful

i want the guy to see me for who i am

some of the guys do know me for me

but i dont want them

im so confused

i like this guy

i feel like im pushing him away

and nothing will ever work

i never knew it was this hard

hes a nice guy

which is a first

i normally get the assholes

who miss treat me

maybe i dont know how to get and keep a nice guy

sometimes i think i should stick to friends

and only friends

and if something happens

then great

but if not oh well

how come the one guy i like

isnt as easy as the others

hes making it all so hard

i could pick some slimeball

who would be easy to get with

and who would prob treat me

like shit

but would be something.

it makes me miss my dad

who would love me

but not like a companion

but like a guy

a girl being there is different than any guy could be

maybe im just getting in my head

and making things worse than they really are

who knows

one day i will find that guy

i dont need to find the one

to help fill the void of my dad

but someone to fill the emptiness

that is make me so lost and confused

right now

to find love

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