It’s all different than I thought it would be

It’s all different than I thought it would be,

Hanging out with all of her friends,

Before I opened my mind,

I thought yall were the lowest of the low,

I didn’t want to be a part of the group,

I didn’t want to get to know any of yall,

The next thing I know,

I’m around yall all the time,

Mainly around you,

Cause when I first met you,

I felt a connection that I hadn’t had with anyone else in my life before,

Losing my father,

Has made me want to have a male in my life love me,

So maybe that is why I have wanted you so bad,


I have never felt this way after a relationship,

If that’s what we are calling what we had,

I might have said I love you to other boyfriends,

But you were never a boyfriend,

I’m not sure if you every will be,


It was puppy love with them,

And I soon got over it,

With you,

I never quite said those three words,

It was hard to say them all together,

Knowing that if I did,

I was opening myself to the world of your hurt and pain,

Even by not saying it to you,

I opened myself to that,

You said it to me,

Then you go and deny it,

You go back to your ex,

Who you say you were or still are in love with,

But I saw the worry in your eyes,

The day I fell,

I heard the three little words,

Come out of your mouth,

I saw you drop everything when I got hurt again,

You got hurt when I got hurt,

I saw the speed limit only go to 30,

When it was normally at 50,

Asking you to speed,

Even though you wouldn’t,

Knowing that you haven’t talked to anyone about this,

I know that you care for me,

More than you will ever care for her,

I wish you would see that,

And just give it a try,

I’m sorry I was so clingy as you like to say,

But I can’t help it,

When I want to say,

Those three little words,

To you once and for all,

And see the beauty of being in love,

It’s all different than I thought it would be.

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