Looking into the distance

Looking into the distance,

I see the past,

I remember what I had,

But then I see past all the fading and shading,

I see the truth,

I see what happened deep down,

I see what you did to me,

I look up into the sky,

Seeing the moon,

Past the trees,

Like in the movies,

It reminds me of you,

How you were the only one who liked the stars as much as me,

You were a southern gentleman,

At heart,

But you didn’t let that come out,

You blocked that from the world to see,

I knew you had it,

I know you have it,

But you messed with my life,

My happiness,

I tell you to leave,

You do,

After you tell me I am the most compassionate person you have ever met,

You don’t do that,

You don’t butter me up,

And make it hurt,

You always hurt me,


But then I forgot you,

I got ready for someone else,

Someone better,

Someone who wouldn’t mess around with my mind,

Who didn’t know how I worked,

Who couldn’t go into me,

And make me do what they wanted me to do,

I was happy,

For once,

But then you come back,

And mess it all up again,

Just stay out of my life,

I don’t need to you mess it up,

I want perfection,

I want love,


I do not want you in it,

Looking into the distance.

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