Everything is clearer now

Everything is clearer now,

Right when I lost you,

I saw the world differently,

I thought about everything through your point of view,

I felt like you were now in me,

Leading me,

It’s only been a week or so now,

But it has been a drastic change,

I miss you all the time,

You’ll never be forgotten,

You’ve helped me stay clam and strong through all of this,

I now watch the rain drops fall,

All of them different all of them I can see individually,

I can even see past the rain and see the distance,

It’s almost how my life is now,

I can see every little thing I never knew about before,

Like I know all my flaws and all my strengths,

Now that your gone,

Even through the toughest of the days,

I can see the past all of the troubles,

And I see the future to be bright and full of greatness,

I will always love you dad,

Even though this has been harder than expected,

And also very unexpected,

I know it’s for the best,

For you and for me,

For us all,

We will pull through and never forget you,

Thank you for the time you were here,

I have learned and will keep learning life’s little lessons from you,

For ever more,

Just never forget to check up on me now and then,

And I will do the same,

Yours forever more,

Everything is clearer now.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Rest In Peace Daddy
August 18, 1943
November 11, 2004

You'll always been remembered and you'll live on in everyone's hearts and everyday lives. Your never to be forgotten. All of this is for you!!! For always. During every day activities you will be remembered and how you would handle it or what you would say, will always help us through.

I miss you soo much and I will always love you.

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