You confuse me

You confuse me,

I try and be a friend,

Yet you seem to push me away,

I've heard you don't get close,

Well what kind of friendship is that,

I told you my problems,

When I hate to show that I have them,

I know it's all so weird,

I don't even know why I keep trying,

When I told you about what has been going on in my life,

Well seeing that you know nothing about me,

Yes I got that part,

You could have done something,

That isn't my main reason for this,

I'm sick of writing about you,

In all sort of negative ways,

I have the best friends and I wouldn't keep trying if I knew there really wasn't more to you,

Deep down I know that people who are friends,

Share more than facts,

So that you know what is going on,

And can have a conversation,

Yet all I know of you are facts,

Not even enough to keep anything going,

I've spoken to people who have gone up to you,

Asking if you knew me,

You said you did but not to well,

I hate to say but you haven't tried,

I told you again,

I'll tell you again,

Ask me anything and I will answer,

That's the truth,

Why can't you just try,

Give me a chance,

I'm fed up with this chase that never ends,

Loosen up,

Let's just see where this goes,

I just want some decent friends,

You confuse me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm sick of writing such negative poetry about you. So let's stop this and just be friends.

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