No one's perfect

No one's perfect,

Parents should know that,

They were young once,

They just don't want to set a bad example for their kids,

Well tough you know they will get into more trouble,

If your not their for them in the end,

Thinking someone's perfect is like having a brick wall in front of them,

Since your not really seeing the true them,

God made everyone with some kind of flaw,

You can't change your ultimate path in life,

What God has set for you,

Is what is going to happen,

The grades don't make someone perfect,

The only thing that can be perfect to two people,

Is the love they share,


Who knows if it really is perfect,

Will we ever know,

I highly doubt it,

So just never say someone is perfect,


No one's perfect.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Learn lessons the hard way. Never take advanage of someone elses lessons.

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