It's in the pit of my stomach,

All day and night,

Sometimes it wants to cause me pains,

Other times it just wants to hide,

It comes out when things get rough,

Just to see what kind of pains it can put me into,

Nothing can heal fear,

Or make it go away,

No matter what you do,

It will always be there,

It has a mind of it's own,

When something wrong goes on,

And it has to do with someone I love,

It just has to come out and say hello,

At all the wrong times,

It is there,

With the coming of fear,

Soon come all the worries,

And frights,

The things that get you most scared,

Nothing goes right when fear comes out,

But the one thing you can try and do,

Have the courage within over-power the fear,

Make all the anger and fury,

Disapear and be no more,

Fear is one thing that will be in everyone,

Some maybe scared of it,

Others may know how to control it,

But in the end,

Everyone has,


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