Sorry for anything

Sorry for anything,

I do care about you,

I will always care about you,

We are blood related,

So why would I just dump you out on the side of the road,

I don't know what I would do without you,

Happy that we are family,

Not the same with Sarah not at home,

Having some holidays here and there without her,

It makes me sad,

What am I going to do,

She doesn't talk as much as she use to,

All about her friends up at school,

Well I am still a living human being,

With feelings too,

Oh well she will be home soon,

And we can connect then,

I love my family,

Even though we get into fights,

All we need to do is take a rest,

And then don't mention it again,

I will never forget them,

I love them with all my heart,

No matter what I say when I get angry,

Sorry for anything.

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