I know it is important but

I know it is important but,

Why do we all have to do it,

In the end it helps us live our lives,

But while you are going through it is hell,

No matter how many times you try to make it easy or fun,

It still bites you in the butt in the end,

Always testing you to your best abilities,

Saying they care,

When in the end all they want is the money,

How shallow can they get,

Maybe it is only my school who knows,

Oh well only a few more years,

Then no more homework,

Just work for the damn job you are at till you move on,

Helping you get money to buy food which in turn helps you live,

So I guess all and all,

It is a good thing to go to school,

Unless you don't wanna live any longer,

Who knows,

Everyone feels differently about many things,

So go with how you feel about it,

I know it is important but.

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