One wrong thing said

One wrong thing said,

She started to hit her,

She couldn't stop,

All the pain and feelings,

As she pounds on the daughter she had loved,

The girl sitting there crying,

Praying and hopping this will never happen to her brother,

For he is too young and should not be put in such pain,

The feelings and pains are rushing,

As the blood keeps flowing out of her body,

The tears streaming down her face,

Shaking with fear,

Thinking shouldn't I feel save at home,

Tells her mom to stop,

Wants her dad to be home to save her,

Yet he is out on a business trip,

Her mom shoves her into the tub,

The faucet cut the side of her stomach,

As she looks back on all the scars,

She can't manage to hold in the tears,

They all thought her mom was the best,

But once they found out the stories,

They couldn't believe,

How could she do something like this to the one she loved,

Hopping and praying for this never to happen again to their friend,

One wrong thing said.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am sorry for this happening to you and I know that the person who I just wrote about knows who they are. And no I will not tell who it is.
If you want me to delete this poem I will. W/E you would like for me to do. I love you sweetie and I know you have been through alot.

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