Talk about an issue,

I have going on in this house in ATL,

Life isn't always as pretty as it looks on the outside as it is on the inside,

This damn war shit has messed up so many money problems with people,

I mean I hate when people start blabbing about all the stuff they got,

And me I never go shopping or this or that,

When I do it is a major ass thing,

I mean those damn people who have all the money,

ARGH on y'all I mean really ARGH,

All I have ever wanted was money,

But will I ever get that no,

Because damn President Bush wants to fight a personal war,

Since whoever threaten his father,

Which in turn didn't do anything,

But did threaten which Bush feels deeply offended by,

Whatever that is jacked,

No one knows how bad I crave things,

Not one single person knows the damn true Emily,

Isn't that messed up now,


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