Aunt Donna

Aunt Donna,

Wow a long time since I have written anything about you,

I miss you so much,

But I know your in a good place now,

I am happy with how much you pulled and pulled,

To live with those damn evil tumors in you,

I regret how I acted,

I am sorry,

But I must not look back on the bad times,

But the good ones,

If I lose Faith I will be losing a part of you,

I hope he never leaves,

Those pictures we have,

All have some bad memories,

That's because I was a messed up child,

As the tears come,

I miss you so much,

I wish you were still here,

I will always love you with all my heart,

And I will never forget you,

Even though you weren't a real Aunt,

I felt as if you were,

Thank goodness you were my godmother,

I am so happy to know that,

But I am so sad that you won't be able to see me get confirmed,

I know you are up there in heaven,

Watching over me,

But I hate to be so selfish and want you to be here in person,

Ah I want the good times to be spent with you,

All the things that we could have done,

The things that were said,

That should have not been said,

We would have tons of fun now,

But that damn cancer just took over,

I wish that day that I was going up to go see you,

You hadn't died,

But I guess it was your time to go,

I would never want you to live in pain,

But I miss you so much,

I can not say that enough,

I know you are watching down on me now,

I just have this feeling you are always there,

Helping me through the bad times,

And the good,

It's not the same talking to just Uncle Mike,

I couldn't probably go back to your house now,

With out crying,

I don't know how Uncle Mike can live on,

Each and every day,

I wish that I had said so many things to you,

It is rounding two years now,

And it is still just as painfully as it was the day you has passed on,

I miss you so much,

I can't continue this poem because it is too hard for me,

Aunt Donna.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I will always love you. I hope you were reading that as I wrote it. I will always miss you. I hope Uncle Mike doesn't go over and fight the war because I can't live with another death. I hope he makes it to my confirmation. I know some other people are coming down in your place. It is going to be a very emotional up lifting day.

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