About the good time we had;

All the laughs we had shared.

We walk out of the door,

Saying our good-byes;

Wondering if we will ever make it back again.

Walking down the street,

As our parents watch us go;

Hoping ‘n’ praying not wanting to let their baby go.

Before we know it we are up at the front,

Trembling in fear;

Not knowing what to do.

The first shot just went off,

Bullets are flying;

One just hit my pal.

Then I go running and screaming for help,

The doctors come and put him on a stretcher;

They take him to the clinic.

We retreat for the night and go to the barracks,

I cannot sleep just the mere through of him dying;

Jumping into my clothes.

As I rush down to the clinic,

I find his bed;

Half awake he says, “Tell my mom I love her.”

I go to find a doctor,

Once we return to check on him;

The doctor turns to me with a trembling hand.

My eyes start to water,

I cannot stop the tears from coming;

I have just lost my best friend.

The war has ended,

When I get home I see my family;

I run into my mom’s arms and give her a hug.

I see his mother,

And approach her;

I tell them the news with a shaking voice.

She is needing a shoulder to cry on,

Soon walking up to his tombstone on a cold rainy night;

Tears streaming down her face.

Flowers drooping in her hands,

She kneels down and prays;

As she places the flowers she puts her hand on his tombstone.

She gets up and turns to her husband,

Grasps him with her arms;

And soon goes home.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's about World War 1.

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