Blue Rook Spring

Tangling Twines and Rosebud bushes
through the forest, we keep on looking.
Searching for the image laid best upon my eyes,
grazing across by the blue rook spring

What I thought I saw, What I see in minds eye
A delicate image of a girl, only thighs high
By only reflection, I saw her glistening cry
tears slowly dripping into the blue crystal lie

I thought I saw my future laying there by the pool
a sort of distant memory yet to undo
The step I take disturbs her, she vacates her wooden stool
and like a whisper, dissipates, a memory I do accrue

I have to come see her, through the bushes and the vines
It's not enough to see her in the sands of memories' mind
She may not know the secret of being lost within her eyes
Love of a stranger, love of her that I am entwined.


The mob have seen a creature tumble into this abode
though clearly it's unbreakable, armored, slowed
They saw the heathen travel down the sprial road
Towards the Rook Spring, where my love was first bestowed

Passing pass the spring, I watch the dew glow,
just before it settles and feeds the grass below.
I walk toward the stump, it was damp and low
was she even real? This I need to know.

The rustling from the bushes excite me even more,
until the exceeds me to realise it was just a bore.
My heart feels heavy, butterflies and whats more,
the deafening shreek of the beast-creature's Roar.

Unsheathing my sword as one tear blesses the ground,
I headed back through the forest, I danced toward the sound.
He was scorned and defensive, the beast swung himself around,
For love's perpetual presence, to this destiny I was bound.

I lept up onto his stomach, slicing my sword through his arm,
balancing and maneuvering, in a manner I am calm
the mob tie up his legs, as I stay in the wake of his alarm
but in moment of glory, he bats me off no time to rearm

What's left of the struggle? when I come to.
a bandage a health drink, and a woman too.
A woman? yes her, as I lay in rook blue,
I can't believe she's tending to me, it feels so untrue.

Twenty-four years ago, I saw her by the spring.
Unknown the happiness each other would bring.
I banded 17 men, to help slay the beast-thing
Not a man survived, just the woman and the spring.

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30March2010 13:10

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