It is clear and I am aware,

Of each and every time you stare,

Swallowing my former passion,

Flip you off in a dignified fashion,

You walk aimlessly as I'm getting laid,

Sitting around as I'm getting paid,

Looking sexy every beautiful and gloomy day,

So glad things ended up this way,

Getting hit on but still being used,

But get near me and you will be physically abused,

I walk through life not giving a shit,

Feelings for me you so freely admit,

Curses storm through your mind as you think about me,

You wonder why you wanted to let yourself go free,

Your life is taking a ghastly spin,

I cannot surpress my wicked grin,

My happiness is easy for me to show,

Just realize you should turn your back and go.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

U DID THIZ 2 ME...thanx:)...asshole...

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