Pain swarms around me like a protective cacoon,

Just wait awhile and I will be free soon,

All I want is to spread my wings and fly away,

But until then I am here to stay,

Just take all my energy and break through,

Took so much effort it's awhile before I come to,

Soaking in every bit of sunlight,

Certain everything is just right,

This feels just like a Godsend,

Unfortunately I will be dead at the day's end,

Butterfly wings so hard to clasp,

When I'm finally in your grasp,

So hurt and pained from the wings so broken,

Without a voice my words aren't spoken,

Turn happy to sad when the day turns cold,

In such a short time I become old,

One quick fly to squeeze in my last flutter,

The end is near and I begin to shutter,

Take a deep breath and soak in the last bit of being alive,

One last flutter and take my final dive.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

poor lil butterfly....

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