Painful Suicide

The pain grows under my skin,

My nerves are shot just look within,

The blood is trapped and has no where to go,

I cut my flesh and my viens and let the blood flow,

It goes down my wrist and down my arm,

I never meant myself any harm,

I didn't want to hurt the ones I love,

I know right now I'm going down instead of above,

No one can help now I am almost done,

One more heartbeat will send my last blood run,

And I lay lifeless on my bed,

Body and clothes stained a crimson red,

They will knock on the door and see what they find,

I have shut off my senses because they were so blind.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

pplz that will commit suicide send out plenty of signals...if u dont look 4 them...then soon enuff they wont even b in sight nemore...but neither will the 1 u loved....

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