No One Knows

Why don't people just understand?

How come I'm always the evil one in the end?

I didn't do anything wrong but no one cares,

People know and all I get is stares,

They continue to talk to him even though they know,

Everyone makes mistakes but what I do makes me a ho?

I just do my revenge and try to get even,

What appears to be my friends think I have no reason,

No one else can know because the people that know hurt me,

But they still think I am a bitch and he gets the pity,

It's like what happened didn't really matter,

The thought of this makes me crazy like the Mad Hatter,

They just pretend to understand and they stab you in the back,

They think you don't know what goes on behind your back,

But I have eyes in the back of my head,

And now I can see who would really care if right now I were dead.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i cant belive my 'friends' would do this to me...

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