Beautiful Death

The lake of death grows,

The blood seeps to the bottom,

And dries in the sun,

The air smells of rotting flesh,

But its not so bad,

After all the pain they suffered,

This is what they honestly wanted in the end.

Crying all night,

Cries heard but ignored,

Pain clearly noticed,

But no one wanting to be there,

Living through this only hurts,

If they survive the pain will only burn in their minds,

They pray everyday for their pain to end,

And their prayers get answered when they go to sleep,

And never awaken to see the morning sun.

Dieing is the only way out,

It will set their spirit free,

No more pain will they endure,

Living will only make it worse,

No one should live through this,

But if all hope is lost and death comes,

They can actually go happily,

Because if death isn't beautiful,

Then why is the light so bright?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

death iz such a beautiful thing...givin up ur faith is suicide...whether u wanna believe it or not...

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