I have sacraficed my happiness for his own,

To this day he doesn't know,

They say unleash your feelings,

But I have to stay strong,

Releasing my feelings will destroy it all,

I might die alone and never have my wedding day,

But as long as he's happy I will be okay.

But on the inside my heart is bleeding,

I can't stand all the temptation,

Crying all night and he has no clue,

Saddened some days and he wants to know why,

But I lie because I want to be the only one to suffer,

I want him to be happy even if I'm not the one causing it,

I say nothing to him so he doesn't know my true feelings,

I stay silent so he doesn't know that I am doing this,

Because I don't want confusion or guilt for him,

I want light to shine on him.

I thought I was in love before,

But I was clearly wrong,

Took me not to long to get over it all,

He was only an object of my desperation,

And I want him to suffer for paining me,

Love should never bring pain of any sort,

And I should of killed myself to rid the pain,

But I was stupid and now I put myself in more shit.

There is no turning back now,

My heart has chosen its desired path,

Even if it has to go through pain for its happiness,

It will find joy just by looking at the smile on his face,

And even if I am not the one to make him truely happy,

I can still be a friend and make him smile anyway,

I have sacraficed my happiness for his own,

To this day he doesn't know.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the corpse bride made me think of how i wuz doin thiz...but shez dead and doeznt have 2 live 2 c the day he diez a happy man w/o her in hiz armz....

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