It is always nice to know that lies can flow from your mouth like a raging water fall.

So graceful from the distant eye, yet painful to the ears when up close.

How quickly the salt can spread to contaminate the fresh blue waters.

Time seems to be defeated since a year it has been falling without a sign of a stop coming.

It continues to flow just as hard and graceful, it's no wonder I see no difference.

Still standing up close on a dry, safe rock just listening to the crash on the rocks and water so close.

I feel the mist and begin to freeze in the cold moisture of the undying false.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

y duz he keep on lying...y cant he just admit it...y duz he alwayz tell me thatz itz not that big of a deal...when im losin HOURS of SLEEP over it...n he claimz he undertandz...thiz poem iznt bullshit...hiz wordz r!

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