Born the second child,

Second girl,

Why couldn't I be born with a penis,

First one was great,

By the second it got old,

I wasn't born male so I was born for abuse,

Born the middle child in this insane family,

I'm the only one who can admit that I'm not sane,

So I get abused and mistreated for my treatment,

It doesn't even work,

I should of never shown my sister my poetry,

I should of never let her know I cut my wrist,

Now I am stuck with the abuse of a girl in captivity,

I just want to be set free of my so-called mental disease,

And they get pissed off at me when I treat them with the respect that they give me,

They are just as insane as I am,

Maybe crazier,

But I am the one who admitts it and gets discriminated against,

Fuck that shit,

You can get pissed off at me becuase I can tell you your insane,

Just stop mistreating me and give me some of the respect that I deserve too.

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