I Need These

I thought I was finished,

It was all through,

But I found out I need these,

Just as I need you,

Deep look into the past,

Blurred images in my mind,

Not understanding what I meant by my own rhymes,

I need these to make the bad things go away,

I need it to make them die,

Without leaving a bloody trail behind,

No trace of ever being there,

No chalk tracings of the body,

Just my printed words,

My printed burns,

Because that is the only way things will go away,

It's the only way I can keep myself from going insane,

Without this I will wither away and die,

My words are more powerful than I ever thought,

Fuck the psychiatrist,

Fuck the psychologist,

Fuck the "happy" pills,

Fuck it all!

I just need you,

And these words need to leave my mind,

Put into context,

So my mind will be haunted no more,

And I can drift into a peaceful sleep.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

hmmm...lookz like i came bac sooner than i thought i would...

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