Respect is for people who give it,

And deserve it too,

Your not one of these people,

So that sucks for you.

You grab my arm and push and shove,

Deny me of my sleep,

Grab my face,

Threaten to slap me,

But you won't do it,

Because I ask you too.

You put bruises on my arm,

They will soon disappear,

But all the pain you put on me,

Will remain in my brain forever.

I can let go of things,

But let's be fair,

I forgive those who deserve it,

And don't intentially hurt me,

Causing screams to escape my throat,

Feeling the pain that will forever dwell,

Adding more suffering to my tortured mind,

Watching those tears drip from my eyes,

Crying myself to sleep,

I want to live somewhere else.

You know I hate you,

You may think I want to,

But I want a mother,

Who shouldn't need the second chance,

But if she messes up,

Then she has her chance,

To pick herself up again.

But you have screwed up big time,

You wasted your second chance,

And for this I hate you,

And for this it will forever dwell,

You put the hate into the air,

And I'm the one who breathed it in.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just leave me alone

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