100 lies I've had to face,

100 tears that escaped my eyes,

100 drops of blood from my arm,

100 memories that have come and gone,

100 thoughts still in my head,

100 poems written down,

100 stabs of pain I have felt,

100 things wrong with me and no one to tell,

100 friends lost for stupid reasons,

100 reasons why I should be dead,

100 reasons why I'm still alive,

100 ways to live your life,

100 decisions I didn't want to make,

100 regrets for all my mistakes,

100 apologies for the ones I love,

100 hates for the ones that hurt me,

100 reasons why I love you,

100 reasons why I'm sure you love me too,

100 kisses on your cheek,

100 embraces to keep me safe from

100 evils that are after me,

100 good byes I don't want to say,

100 greetings the very next day.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

itz my 100th poem guyz...

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