I Am Unfortunately Right

I may appear to be ignorant,

I may seem like a bitch,

You may think I don't know what I'm talking about,

But it all comes down to this,

I understand feelings,

I feel them everyday,

Most of them are negative,

But I get through it anyway,

I may not of known what love was,

But I could tell if I saw it,

I know if the person is confused by their emotions,

I've been there all the way,

And now I know what love is,

And I can proudly say I was right,

You may think it's not cool,

But to Hell with you,

I am unfortunately right,

And you are very wrong,

You knew the person longer,

But I've understood emotions for awhile,

Lies cannot escape my eyes,

Even when they're crying,

Just because I caught a lie,

That the person did not see,

Don't say I have no right,

To express my opinion,

Becuase I was telling the truth,

And you were caught in the lie,

I'm not a moron,

I have feelings too,

When you're stuck in my position,

You want to do what's best for you,

I'm sorry that I hurt him,

I feel terrible,

I'm not shoving it in his face,

But if he was truly in love with me,

Like he said he was,

He would of understood,

And not of been so hurt,

I'm sorry for having morals,

And following them as I go,

But don't shove your shit on me,

Because the sides are two,

So instead of looking at one side,

Put yourself in the two,

Maybe you would understand,

And you are ignorant too,

He seemed to try too hard,

With all the girls that he talked about,

He seemed to fall in love too easily,

So, sorry for analyzing the situation,

And thinking about my past,

Thinking about how I was used,

And my heart was severely hurt,

He seemed to move on pretty quickly,

So why am I so bad?

Things got better in the end,

Because of a thing called time,

Maybe if you waited a little,

And not jumped to conclusions,

You wouldn't be such an ignorant bitch,

And learn to understand others too.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

manny...dont ask...im ok...just a lil look in the past...thatz all.

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