Little Girl Grows Up To Cry

The little girl saw nothing but disgrace,

Wanting to save herself until she was married,

Saw young people smoking and thought bad things,

Saw alcoholics and wanted to cry,

Thought about drugs and didn't see the point,

Had no care and didn't see a reason to die,

Thought therapy was only for psychos.

Growing up and everything changed,

Lost her virginity at age 15,

Since then she has been with 5 different guys,

At age 16 the cigarette first touched her lips,

Now she's a chain smoker and cannot quit,

At age 8 alcohol accidently touched her lips,

She became paranoid and wanted to cry,

Now she drinks alone and waits for an opportunity to get drunk,

At age 18 she tried pot for the first time,

Now she doesn't mind doing it if it comes up,

At age 12 she thought of nothing but death,

By age 15 the knife touched her skin,

She was trying to end her life,

Since then she cuts way too much,

Because of this she ended up in therapy,

Thought she was crazy.

Now she does so so much that she swore she wouldn't,

If she could see herself now she would kick her,

She would cry knowing the disgrace she would grow up to be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wuz havin a cigarette n thinkin bout how i swore i would never do all thiz shit that i swore i would never do

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