Bittersweet Love

I love you so much,

But I can't get better,

I am so sick,

And I am very mental,

No matter what happens,

The worst day of my life,

The best day in the world,

I always think about suicide,

And how much I love you,

And how I can't leave you,

My brain says to leave,

My heart tells me to stay,

Yet it argues that I must go,

So for the meantime I tell myself no,

But the pain keeps coming again,

And I don't know what to do,

My heart keeps telling me that I am hurting you,

And I love you,

I can't keep doing this,

Loving and hurting,

They just don't combine,

So I will kill myself tonight,

So I can stop your pain,

This bittersweet ending ends with my life.

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