No Friends

What do you do when you wake up,

And realize you have no friends?

They call you a poser,

Say you use boys,

Say that you are destroying your boyfriend's life,

And they won't even say it to your face.

They don't take the time to listen to you,

Listen to your side of the story,

And realize relationships are a two people thing.

One of your "friends" says you're a bitch,

You're too mean to your boyfriend,

And you destroy his life.

But look at his girlfriend, jackass,

She makes fun of him to his face,

And don't get you started on behind his back.

Saying he's a liar and accuses him of shit,

But he continues to treat her like a queen,

And she treats him like an unworthy peasant,

But he "loves" her and she "loves" him.

One of your "friends" says you're a whore,

Who needs to treat your suicidal boyfriend,

With much respect.

Even though her boyfriend is a cutter too,

And she talks shit about him,

Accuses him even though he's innocent,

Always puts him down,

Complains he causes her agony,

But she "loves" him and he "loves" her too.

One of your "friends" thinks you're a man destroyer,

Says that you keep your man down,

Even though his girlfriend's a cheater,

But you know you will NEVER cheat,

Yet him and his girl are still together,

And he has another date with another chick,

But his girl doesn't know he wants to dump her,

And he's too much of a pussy to do it himself.

So his girl caused him agonizing Hell,

And admitted it to his face,

Now why are those two still together?

One of your "friends" thinks you're a posing man user,

Says that you used a man to make another one jealous,

Even though the other guy never knew.

She says your a poser and your friend turned you goth,

Even though she changed soon AFTER you,

And you've been worshipping Lucifer BEFORE you knew them.

She says that you treat your boyfriend bad,

And he deserves better than you,

But her suckass boyfriend deserves better than her too,

She cheated on him and broke his heart,

Yet, some how, got him to take her back,

As long as she gets her sex,

She doesn't give a damn.

So go ahead,

They can find every little fault in you,

Even though they don't know your side,

Let alone know you,

And there's two people in a relationship.

And you can find a million of their faults,

They have no room to talk.

They can blame you for everything,

Accuse you if they must,

Be your "friend" until another friend gets involved.

You can tell who's side they take,

Uh...maybe the only side they heard,

Because no one takes your side,

No one sees things your way,

Let's face it, darling,

You have no friends.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just makin my point...thatz all

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