A Terrible Fate

Many nights of tears being shed,

I decide to bleed instead,

No longer able to cry,

So now I must die,

To God I will pray no more,

Lucifer is now whom I adore,

Negative feelings on life,

Thoughts of ending it with a knife,

Five new slits each day,

Never a moment of feeling gay,

Some evenings I wish I were dead,

So through those nights I bled,

Shattered glass on my floor,

A whole new world on the other side of the door,

As the torture gives no sign of a time to cease,

I try to find some peace,

Attempts of trying to stay bold,

With this life I try to keep in my fist to hold,

Cuts, tears, scars, and blood,

My suicidal attempt turned to a dud,

Letting the razor decide my fate,

Becoming a demon's bait,

Never a time I am not weak,

I search for just a little peek,

To see what I would be if I were strong,

And it doesn't have to last long.

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