My Final Slit

Please let me cut one more time,

Ending is just too hard,

Let me watch my blood pour once more,

Then I will call it quits,

And make not another scar.

All I ask for is one more cut,

And I will make it count,

Only one cut will drain my blood.

So please hand the blade over to me,

So I can make myself withdrawl free,

And make my final slit.

Slit my throat for the first and last time,

Blood pouring down my neck,

Soaking my shirt and coughing up blood,

Fall to the floor never to rise again.

Die within a few minutes from blood loss,

I told you it would be my last,

I kept that swear to you,

My intentions were to die,

With my final slit.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

pplz wont lemme cut nemore...i just want 1 final slit

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