Warm Fuzzy Feelings

When a good deed is done,

You feel great inside,

But when I perform an act of kindness,

I feel so much pain.

Satan inside me,

Shredding me apart,

Pain getting stored so high,

Clawing at my viens,

Ripping them apart,

The bleeding I am doing is internal, eternal.

Tearing holes through my flesh,

Letting the blood flow freely,

Pouring from my wounds,

The wounds too deep to heal,

And so real in the feel.

So much pain invisible to people,

For the wounds are deep inside,

And the only way to rid the pain,

Is to bleed them away,

And the only thing to do to free yourself,

Is to commit suicide.

Satan is in me,

I lost my independence,

That's what happens when you're kind,

And your soul has been possessed.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

im a possessed soul...n thiz iz y im so evil

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