Lucifer Will Dominate

Lucifer is taking over,

One by one we follow,

This world is going to Hell,

But still you worship God.

If God is as great as He says He is,

Then why are so many souls,

Suffering through life?

No one is finding happiness,

He makes it look like we found it,

But then He takes it all away,

And we get more pain and depression,

We suffer more until we wish to bleed,

Wish to die a bloody death,

And we don't give a shit about nothing!

And then we all end up killing ourselves,

Throwing our souls into the hands of Satan,

And God won't do anything to stop it,

He just increases the pain,

Increases the Hell we are all forced to live through!

But if we all just give in in the begining,

Then we won't have to go through the pain,

Just admitt Lucifer is the Shit,

Admitt to ourselves that God doesn't give a damn,

And so when we all go to Hell,

We can be with the Lord we wish to be with,

Instead of wishing we were with the bastard,

The bastard who inflicted this pain on us!



Author's Notes/Comments: 

i love my Lucifer:)

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